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"Dr. Allen Truly Cares About His Patients" Thank You For the Touching Review!

Dr. Douglas Allen
Last updated 6 years ago

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  • "For many years I have suffered with endometriosis (a painful female condition when cells from the lining of the uterus grow in other areas of the body), adenomyosis (endometriosis of the uterus- when the endometrial tissue grows into the uterine muscle, often confused with a fibroid uterus- even though the conditions can coexist, as they do in my case), fibroids and cysts, in addition to myriad other health problems. Over the past two years my suffering reached a point of unbearable and almost constant pain. I have had two surgeries, and after each one, my condition worsened, probably due to the formation of scar tissue and adhesions on top of the fact that the source of my pain was never fully addressed/removed. Since my surgery in December 2011, the duration and severity of my pelvic (and sometimes abdominal and other ) pain reached such a level that it was almost intolerable to go on living with this degree of suffering. Then, I had an incident in April that exceeded all previous pain episodes. I do not know how I did not pass out or even die. That morning I called doctor after doctor (pain specialists) trying to get an appointment right away. I called a many doctors, and none could see me in any less than several weeks time..that is, until I called Dr. Allen. Antoaneta, Dr. Allens competent and compassionate assistant, set the appointment for me immediately. Dr. Allen saw me within 15 minutes. I could see right away that he was a highly compassionate and thoughtful individual. He showed great concern for my condition, examining me carefully and asking me many questions. He talked to me for probably over 45 minutes. When I told him how I had been suffering, he told me this was unacceptable and unnecessary. Dr. Allen explained the safest and most effective way to mange my pain. Dr. Allens concern, his willingness to spend time answering every one of my questions, his intelligence and his kindness make him an outstanding physician. He does everything he can to make sure I am comfortable and safe. Dealing with his office is a pleasure. Antoaneta and Erica (his office staff) are kind and accommodating. I have been seeing Dr. Allen for almost a year now, as I seek the surgeon who I hope will, once and for all, treat and eliminate the source of my suffering. If it were not for Dr. Allens expert care and guidance, I do not know how I would have managed. Dr. Allen is supporting me through this difficult time as I try to find an expert surgeon who can handle the complexity of my situation. I know that no matter what, Dr. Allen is on my side, supporting me and making sure I do not have to suffer unnecessarily. Dr. Allen spoke to me at length about how I need to make sure that I get a surgeon who will care for me after my procedure if I need that. This to me shows that Dr. Allen really does have my best interests at heart. From now until my procedure, I know I will be ok, thanks to Dr. Allen. If, God forbid, I require further care after the procedure, I know he will be there for me too. Dr. Allen has in many ways been a Godsend to me, because I had been at a place of truly not knowing if I could survive through the torture that I had been undergoing. I am not in constant torture anymore, and that is saying a lot. I will use this opportunity in writing a review for Dr. Allen to also raise awareness about endometriosis and adenomyosis. Although not every woman with these conditions suffers the level of pain and debility that I do, there are many who do. I am providing a link to a story about young lady who committed suicide due to her suffering. I hope that more physicians will take this condition seriously, and that the public and professionals alike will put more research dollars and effort into finding ways to treat and cure endometriosis and adenomyosis. Here is the link: In the words of Kristi An Roses mother whose daughter committed suicide due to her suffering from endometriosis (from the article mentioned above): I wanted to help somebody else, Sherill said. So no one else has to live that way. I just want everybody to know how much pain she went through, how much she suffered, so this doesnt happen to anybody else.


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